We know that the pain inflicted by Russia’s immoral & brutal invasion and its unrelenting attacks on civilians & shocking war crimes will not be over…
For a Victorious 2023

December 2022

Hanukkah, Christmas & the Wonder-Worker St. Nicholas
Supporting the dangerous work of demining Ukraine
Dec 5 - International Volunteer Day

November 2022

Remembering the fallen. Standing by those who serve.
Humanitarian Aid @ MriyaAid

October 2022

Growing aid to Ukraine

August 2022

The atrocities committed against Ukrainian civilians and POWs last week should serve as a stark reminder to continue to support Ukraine and to supply…

June 2022

Russian cruise missiles hit a shopping center with 1000 Ukrainians today in Kremenchuk, hundreds of kilometers away from the front lines. The attack, in…
Last week the world learned that Roman Ratushnyi was killed by Russian shelling of his unit. He was a reconnaissance officer of the 93rd brigade of the…
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